Complementary systems

Connexe technologie can assist in optimizing your business processes using existing application/software solutions.

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System implementation respects Pareto's Law (80/20). Administrative software packages usually covers 80% of business needs. Mechanization of the remaining 20% is left over.

With the creation of complementary systems, it's possible to fulfill your specific needs with the administrative systems already in place enhancing their efficiency without replacing them.

Developping applications

Although we are encouraging buying on the shelve software packages, we believe that in some instance, developing customized application is a wiser option.

Our development leverage is based on core data from your existing systems thus avoiding data duplication.

Our sound knowledge of “in the market” software packages enables smooth system integration even if the applications are periphericals.

The application we develop, mechanizes complementary functions to the core systems. We are not reinventing the wheel!

The integration of gateways between systems

The most efficient way to proceed with systems integration is to build gateways (interfaces) between the different systems.

The main objectives for a systems integration are:

  • To reduce manual input, thus minimize errors;
  • To optimize systems already in place;
  • To make information accessible

At Connexe Technologie, we have already many interfaces to our credit  - here are some examples :

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Business intelligence

Business Intelligence is a concept for extracting essential information from a large volume of data and presenting it in an easy-to-understand form, making it suitable for rapid decision making by your organization.

 What we can do for you:

  • BI Strategy;
  • Scorecard, Management reports, Management tools Alarms;
  • Informational Databases, Data Warehousing, Automated Data Transfer;  
  • User friendly interface and environment;
  • Data availability between systems;
  • Internal Control, Reconciliation report; 
  • Fraud Detection (Computer Audit); 
  • Trends and Historical Data extraction.