The unique technology of Access Insight is recognized and honored for its innovative features and its 100% web interface. With this existing solution, on the market for over 11 years, we help companies move beyond mere reporting. We help them to identify and measure their key performance indicators for growth of their business, while allowing their business community to share the understanding and provide accessibility in real time.

Intuitive, mobile, collaborative and agile, Access Insight is a next generation of business intelligence solution designed to meet the challenges of management and the data analysis needs of your managers. The first fully web based business intelligence solution mince it’s inception in 2004, Access Insight now enables over 120,000 users to better utilize their data to address their strategic challenges.

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BrightWork is the first and only project management application to be built on every version of Microsoft SharePoint to date, and is recognized by customer and industry luminaries for its flexibility, ease of deployment, and ability to drive real business value.

BrightWork helps organizations worldwide achieve project and portfolio management success. BrightWork aims to enable our customers to instantly deploy an affordable amount of project and portfolio management, delivering immediate visibility and control. The unique best practices templates approach, pioneered by BrightWork, allows our customers to start quickly and to gradually evolve by adding more templates and dashboards when needed.

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iMIS 20 is an Engagement Management System (EMS)™ that enables your organization to engage members, donors, and other constituents – as well as your staff – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Designed to Engage … Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Built from the ground up with Responsive Design, iMIS 20 is accessible on any device. This saves your organization money because you don't have to buy specialty mobile apps.

One System … One Database

iMIS 20 includes everything you need to engage your constituents in one seamless cloud-based system. This eliminates silos of data and greatly reduces vendors, costs, and complexity.

Unlimited Flexibility … Unlimited Possibilities

iMIS 20 is built on the RiSE Development Platform, a revolutionary one-of-a-kind tool that empowers you to easily and affordably meet the ever-changing online and mobile demands of your constituents.

Manage Your Website … Or Keep Your Existing CMS

The RiSE Development Platform has the flexibility to work with your existing Content Management System (CMS) or — for many organizations — the power to manage your entire web presence.

Save Money … Improve Performance

iMIS 20 records all interactions with your members, donors, and other constituents — whether offline or online — in a single engagement database. This eliminates costly integration efforts, enables you to gather better constituent intelligence, and helps you make smarter business décisions.

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